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2 exclusive pre-conference events

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2 exclusive pre-conference events

on Oct. 10th 2019
at 9am – 5pm
Fotona d.o.o., Stegne 7, 1000 Ljubljana

1 – Aesthetics with LightWalker – Dental laser system outside the box

Jernej Kukovic, MD

Aesthetic workshop with Lightwalker® dental system focuses on covering aesthetic & dermatological applications
showing the unique versatility of Lightwalker® technology, enabling the dental practitioner to expand services
towards their patients. The practical and clinical advantages of lasers and laser-assisted treatments, and the
effects of treatment parameter settings and variations thereof, will be explained and discussed by experienced
laser practitioners based on real case materials. A selection of treatment procedures will be demonstrated on

Jernej Kukovic graduate of the Medical University of Ljubljana, Slovenia, European Union in 2010. Internship at the Surgical Clinic at the University Medical Centre Ljubljana. From 2011 to 2013 practiced medicine at the Clinic for reconstructive, aesthetic, plastic surgery and burns in Ljubljana. Attended graduate school for computer sciences at the Ljubljana University and has been involved in the development of medical information software. Recently worked with the MESI on the development of a next generation medical diagnostics device, which has been selected for the final round of the Qualcomm Tricorder XPRIZE. Since 2013 Dr. Kukovic has been a researcher, lecturer and trainer for Fotona.


Cleopatra Nacopoulos BSC, DDS, MSC, PHD

Participants will get to know the PRF CLEOPATRA TECHNIQUE™ that uses a combination of two forms of PRF liquid (I-PRF and A-PRF), in order to rejuvenate and augment the skin. This protocol can be used in a variety of cases and differentiates from similar ones, due to the authenticity of its long-lasting results. The treatment’s success depends solely on the individual, as the patient’s blood is re-injected into the skin, with no additives and nothing artificial added to it.

Born in Athens, Prof. Cleopatra Nacopoulos has Bachelors in Biology and Dentistry from GANNON University and University of Athens. Her studies also include Masters in Oral Biology, Periodontology and Facial Aesthetics and a PhD and PostDoc from the Laboratory for Research of the Musculoskeletal System in Medical School of Athens University. Professor Cleopatra Nacopoulos is the inventor of Cleopatra Technique and a scientific collaborator for the Research of the Musculoskeletal System of Athens Medical School. She has published many scientific papers in her field of interest: GBR with the use of P.R.P, P.R.F., implants and

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