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Nutrigenetics and Cleopatra Technique


In our era of minimally invasive and holistic care in facial aesthetics, application of genetics is opening the way to even more effective interventions. Indeed two related publications have been provided so far by our collaborative study on genetics and Cleopatra Technique ®. In more detail, apart from a recent publication on biomarkers of facial regeneration with Platelet-Rich Fibrin liquid matrixes (published in J Cosm Derm), we are proud to announce for the first time that a personalized nutrition plan improves outcomes of Cleopatra technique ®. This plan is based on GENOSOPHY®, a comprehensive nutrigenetic test that incorporates the latest scientific information into a dietetic and/or life-coach plan. Its theoretical background as well as practical pearls of its application are currently being provided at the e-learning platform of the University of Athens, leading to a Certificate of Continuing Education.