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Cleopatra Nacopoulos

Prof. Cleopatra Nacopoulos BSc, DDS, MSc, PhD

Born in Athens Greece

1985 Bachelor of Science degree in Biology at GANNON University, USA.

1991 Degree in dentistry from the University of Athens School of Dentistry.

1998 UOA, Masters Degree in Oral Biology

1998 Clinical Specialisation in Periodontology.

2005 Certificate Master Degree from the SOLA Academy at the University of Vienna.

2007 Clinical training in Perioral Aesthetics with the use of fillers and growth factors in Beverly Hills, California.

2008 Associate Fellowship of WCLI (World Clinical Laser Institute).

2013 Diplomate Certificate Degree of ICOI

2015 Doctor at the Medical School of the University of Athens.

2015 Master of Science in Medical Aesthetics from the Queen Mary University in London

Scientific associate of the Research Laboratory of Musculoskeletal Diseases of the KAT Hospital.

Published scientific papers in Greece and abroad on Bone resurfacing (GBR) using P.R.P., P.R.F. implants and laser.

Frequent speaker at many conferences and have participated in many Hands on Courses regarding implants, growth factors, facial aesthetic and laser.

Active participation in many scientific companies as a member.

Former Vice President of the Greek Laser Applications Company (HELSOLA).

President of WAUPS Greece and WAUPS Aesthetica.

Visiting Professor at the  University Nikolae Testemitanu State University of Medicine and Pharmacy of the Republic of Moldova

Private clinic owner in Athens and in Tripoli and I deal exclusively with periodontics, microsurgery, laser, implants and facial aesthetic.

Reviewer at the Journal of Pharmaceutical Research International

Visiting Professor at UNIVERSIAPOLIS university

International Ambassador at the American Academy of Oral Surgery


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Nacopoulos, Cleopatra DDS, MSc; Dontas, Ismene DVM, PhD; Lelovas, Pavlos DVM, PhD; Galanos, Antonis PhD; Vesalas, Anna-Maria; Raptou, Panagiota PhD; Mastoris, Michael DDM, MSc; Chronopoulos, Eustathios MD, PhD; Papaioannou, Nikolaos MD, PhD.
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Journal of Craniofacial Surgery: November 2014 – Vol. 25 – Issue 6: p 2164-2168


Cleopatra C. Nacopoulos BS, DDS, MSc, Ismene Dontas DVM, PhD, Efstathios Chronopoulos MD, PhD, Lubna Khaldi MD, PhD, Anna Maria Vesala MDDr, Ioannis K. Triantafyllopoulos MD, MSci, PhD, FEBOT, Nikolaos Papaioannou MD, PhD
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British journal of medicine and medical research (BJMMR) 7(12) : 1026-1034, 2015


Ismene Dontas1*, Anna-Aikaterini Neri1, Christos Zafeiris2, Nikitas Schizas3, Cleopatra Nacopoulos1, Anna-Maria Vesalas1, Triantaphyllos Papadopoulos4, Dionysios Mouzakis5 and Nikolaos Papaioannou1
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British Journal of Medicine & Medical Research 13(4): 1-8, 2016, Article no.BJMMR.22857 ISSN: 2231-0614, NLM ID: 101570965