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We are committed to deliver quality in healthcare practice, marketing, communication, and advisory services.

The Company

At GMDA, our purpose is to build trust among healthcare professionals and solve important problems. We are a fast growing firm with partners in 35 countries with more than 20 people who are committed to delivering quality in healthcare practice, marketing, communication and advisory services.

One of our main speakers is Prof. Cleopatra Nacopoulos, inventor of Cleopatra Technique TM, who is providing courses from dentistry to facial aesthetics.

Cleopatra technique TM is a very effective, easy and totally safe procedure, which can help in skin rejuvenation and augmentation, as well as hair regrowth.

GMDA was founded in 2015 to promote healthcare practices of added value to multiple stakeholders (healthcare practitioners, researchers, medical marketers, public administration delegates etc) who wish to enhance their scientific status and update their knowledge on technological trends in medicine. GMDA has already created a community of followers (GMDA followers) who participate variously in its diversified spectrum of activities.

We are a common connection point for healthcare practitioners and other stakeholders in a network. Connecting segments of a broader network, consisted of medical scientists, as well as business persons operating to enable people have the health and the quality of life they deserve. GMDA contains multiple end points. When a piece of information and/or knowledge arrives at one end point, we make sure that all end points get updated, so that all segments of the network are aware of all information and knowledge in circulation.

We organize seminars, webinars and workshops, tailor-made to answer the needs of our followers. GMDA’s focus is on the whole spectrum of medical, dental and aesthetics field. With an extensive network of collaborators, GMDA has the capacity to help every stakeholder tackle general and specific needs on medicine and medical marketing. GMDA carefully follows the latest trends in communication and has extended its portfolio with the addition of trainings on communication/marketing and social media strategy.

GMDA is the inspiration of a diversified, strongly connected, dynamic team, consisted of healthcare practitioners, marketing and communications experts, engineers, social media specialists, business consultants etc. What bonds us is our passion to excel and keep getting better. We love what we do and we believe in sharing our most precious asset: knowledge.

GMDA is a MEMBER of The CPD Certification Service, Providing recognised independent CPD accreditation compatible with global CPD principles.

Help us keep the flame burning and join the hub! The field is broad and GMDA followers community ready to welcome you on board.