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2 Day Seminar Dentistry and Aesthetics May 19-20, 2017, by GMDAHUB

Event Date: May 19 – 20, 2017

2 Day Seminar Dentistry and Aesthetics

DAY 1  – 19/5

Theoretical part

  • Satellite lecture by Dr Joseph Choukroun. Introduction in the use of growth derivatives (i-PRF & A-PRF)
  • Predictable autogenic grafting procedures for augmenting and preserving the alveolar ridge
  • “Gum Drop Technique” – materials and surgical instruments
  • Aesthetics of perioral area using i-PRF & A-PRF – Cleopatra Nacopoulos Protocol

Practical Part Α – Prof. Itzhak Binderman, DM

  • Predictable autogenic grafting procedures for augmenting and preserving the alveolar ridge
  • Biological considerations of augmentation for optimal short term and long term results.
  • Autologous grafts – implementing the Gold Standard in your practice.
  • Using extracted teeth as dentin graft – pragmatic considerations for you and your patient.
  • Case discussions.
  • Smart Dentin Grinder DEMO

Practical part B – Delia Tuttle

  • Gum Drop Technique
    • To understand the scientific- based research literature behind the procedure
    • Learning the surgery’s steps utilizing videos and pictures during the lecture – microsurgery tools
    • Learning the Phlebotomy principles
    • A-PRF / I-PRF work shop
    • Hands On demonstrating Gum Drop Technique on pig jaws

DAY 2 – 20/5

Observation of live surgeries

  • Theoretical part
    • The use of growth factors in dentistry and aesthetics – Cleopatra Nacopoulos
    • Description of the Gum Drop Technique , materials and surgical tools – Delia Tuttle
  • Live surgeries
  • Practical on pig jaws
  • Questions & Answers

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