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2-Days MASTERCLASS Dentistry & Aesthetics April 21-22 2017

Event Date: April 21 – 22, 2017

2-Days MASTERCLASS Dentistry & Aesthetics

DAY 1 – Platelet Rich Fibrin : a-PRF™ & i-PRF™ in oral  surgery


  • Growth factors: biology and  physiology, mechanisms of action
  • Advanced-PRF™: More cytokines and  BMPs. injectable-PRF™: Mesenchymal stem cells therapy. Composition and  influence on tissue healing.
  • A-PRF™ as “matrix” in soft tissue management:protocols, clinical results
  • A-PRF™ as “matrix” in bone augmentation: protocols, clinical results
  • A-PRF™ & i-PRF™ with biomaterials: what  kind of biomaterials do we have  to mix with PRF?
  • Protocols, clinical results, new perspectives in bone reconstruction.
  • Factors who antagonize the PRF™:Vit.D Level, Cholesterol, Contamination, Pressure, Tension: protocols & solutions.
  • Hands  on, demo

DAY 2 -Facial aesthetics : basic course


  • Aging process  and  its characteristics
  • Anatomy-physiology of the face.
  • Anti-aging treatments with fillers, botox, laser and  PDO threads.
  • Advantages disadvantages of the above
  • Natural facial rejuvenation with smart blood derivates and  stem cells (biology, procedures and  protocols)
  • Live demonstration of blood collection and preparation of a-PRF and i-PR

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