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2Day Course in Facial Aesthetics – Athens July 20-21 2017, by GMDAHUB

2Day Course Facial Aesthetics – Athens July 20-21 2017, by GMDAHUB


The course objective is the introduction of facial aesthetics as a means to improve the patient’s overall appearance, and is not limited to their dental condition. The use of iPRF & A-PRF liquid is an innovative method for skin rejuvenation that can be used in every-day practice, with a maximum cost/benefit ratio for both the physician and the patient. Healthcare professionals have successfully incorporated growth factors in their practices, often in conjunction with other modalities such as hyaluronic acid, botox injections, PDO threads and laser treatments.

The course will be held by Dr. Cleopatra Nacopoulos, the leader in facial aesthetics in dentistry by using Joseph Choukroun’s PRF liquid.


Theoretical part

  • Aging process – characteristics
  • Anti-aging
  • Anatomy & histology of face and lips
  • Facial aesthetics in density and its limitations
  • Materials for facial aesthetics
  • Preparation of the dental office and the patient
  • Preparing the skin for injectables
  • Different techniques of injecting dermal fillers
  • HA technology and characteristics choosing the right HA for each location
  • Mesotherary with HA
  • Lips and perioral region: choice of filler and technique
  • Filler complications and conservative management
  • Botox- units
  • PDO threads

Practical part

  • Preparing the skin for botox and PDOthreds
  • Practice different techniques
  • One live model demonstration



Theoretical part

“Anti aging with your own blood”

  • Innovations in dentistry and cosmetology with smart blood derivatives and Stem cells
  • Aesthetic of the perioral area- Lip augmentation
  • I-PRF combined with Hyaluronic Acid for skin rejuvenation
  • Indications/Contraindications
  • Combining growth factors, micro-needling and cosmeceuticals for best results
  • Marketing in dentistry

Clinical Part

  • Blood collection
  • Preparation of i-PRF & A-PRF liquid
  • Live model demonstration
  • Practice among the participants

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