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Hands on PRF July 2022

Dermal Filler

Course Description

Hyaluronic acid is the key to smooth, flawless, and hydrated skin. HA is critical in maintaining skin hydration, although it can be degraded by free radical mechanisms caused by things like UV exposure. It can be injected inside the skin as well as applied topically, which helps skin regain augmentation and hydration. As a filling product, it is well-known for being safe and easy to use, yielding great results, with a minimum of allergic reactions when administered by trained professionals.

The objective of this course is to educate and train you in the use of HA, presenting a variety of different techniques, such as micro-needling and deep skin injections, to grant you the ability to apply it safely and without any surprises. During the course, the protocols of complication management will be analyzed, with the use of topical and systematic drugs. After completion of this course, you will have learned the mechanism of  HA action  and will be able to start practicing facial aesthetics with confidence and success, thus enjoying good reputation and generating income for your clinic.


  • Introduction to aesthetic medicine / All you need to know about marketing
  • What is beauty and the golden ratio “Φ”
  • Who are the most suitable patients of aesthetic medicine / psychological approach and safe management
  • Aging and antiaging – Introduction to fillers and mechanism of action
  • Use of Hyaluronic acid for facial aesthetics
  • Indications of use / techniques of application
  • Photo documentation protocol
  • Preparation of the clinic and patient
  • Cosmeceuticals before and after treatment
  • Preparation, step by step, of the skin before treatment / equipment
  • PROFHILO treatment
  • Demonstration of use on a model / videos (nasolabial folds, marionette lines, lips, contouring of the face)
  • After care and home care for long lasting results
  • Tips and tricks to avoid complications
  • Complication management / working team
  • Hands on using analogs (fruits and meat) and mannequins

After Completion Of The Masterclass, you Will Learn How To Do:

  • Amazing lips
  • Nasolabial folds
  • Marionette lines
  • Cheek augmentation
  • Contouring of the face and lips
  • Micro-needling with HA for skin rejuvenation


The course will be held at Prof. Cleopatra’s Nacopoulos clinic.

Kifisias Ave. 103, Athens 11523 

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24th – 26th November 2023
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