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Facial Aesthetics from A to Z


We are happy to have completed the five modules of Facial aesthetics from A to Z. The modules were fully booked and hundreds of dentists, doctors and nurses were interested in upgrading their knowledge in regenerative medicine and learning about CLEOPATRA TECHNIQUE TM. See you soon at our next courses!

COVID-19 pandemic has changed our lives and practices the last weeks, worldwide. We all should imagine the future of medicine in the AC ( after corona ) era. We should change the whole process of the patient care from the moment to check in until all the way to check out. Most of the practices will be open in a few months so we must start creating protocols and systems and of course educated our stuff, in order to adopt the new situation immediately. Some of the things that we should take in consideration are: patient communication, check in, waiting room, duration of appointments, materials etc.

  • We want to offer you a series of five live modules for “Facial aesthetics A to Z” in which you are going to learn the biology and mechanism of aging and all the materials and procedures for anti-aging.
  • We are going to describe the use of botox and fillers for skin rejuvenation.
  • We are going to analyze the use of blood derivatives in regenerative medicine and concentrate to PRF.

The course will be held by Professor Cleopatra Nacopoulos, a leading doctor in facial aesthetics who first published about PRF and facial rejuvenation, and she will describe CLEOPATRA TECHNIQUE TM.

Attending these five modules will increase your skillset in facial aesthetics and will introduce you in this field in order to start practicing it at your clinic right after the end of COVID-19. Doctors are the hero’s of these days and the most innovative professionals in the world, so we must create new solutions to the challenges this outbreak imposed on us.


Module 1April 15th17:00 GMT +3Introduction to facial Aesthetics, characteristics and prevention.

Module 2April 22nd17:00 GMT +3Botulinum toxin as a functional and cosmetic drug, myths and reality.

Module 3April 29th17:00 GMT +3Dermal filters to improve facial aesthetics.

Module 4May 6th17:00 GMT +3Introduction to blood derivatives and PRF aesthetics.

Module 5May 13th17:00 GMT +3CLEOPATRA TECHNIQUE TM – Combination treatments.