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PRF: Facial Aesthetics

Course Description

Platelet-rich fibrin (PRF) is a second-generation blood concentrate, derived from human peripheral blood, capable of stimulating tissue regeneration. A solid and liquid PRF-based matrix can be obtained by centrifugation in accordance with specific centrifugation protocols such as Low Speed Centrifugation Protocol, without the addition of anticoagulants or external chemicals. It contains a greater number of leukocytes, growth factors and stem cells compared with PRP. In periodontology and oral surgery, PRF-based matrices are used in order to promote soft and hard tissue healing.

The use of Cleopatra Technique TM is an innovative procedure for skin rejuvenation that is based in regenerative medicine and can be used in every-day practice, with a maximum cost/benefit ratio for both the physician and the patient. Healthcare professionals have successfully incorporated Cleopatra Technique TM in their practices, often in conjunction with other modalities such as hyaluronic acid, botulinum toxin injections, PDO threads and laser treatments. This procedure can be used for hair regrowth, pain relief in arthritis, scars, keloids, pigmentations and burns etc.


16:00-16:45 Introduction to Aesthetic medicine. Marketing

16:45-17:30 Aging and Anti-aging, characteristics and prevention. Skin and lip anatomy and physiology

17:30-18:15 PRF preparation, protocols for aesthetics, speed, handling, and application mode.

18:15-18:45 BREAK

18:45-19:30 The use of PRF in facial aesthetics and Cleopatra Technique TM / injection techniques (linear, micropapular and mesotherapy)

19:30-20:00 PRF for burns, keloids, scars, hair regrowth, pain management and wound healing / Combination treatments


Prof. CLEOPATRA NACOPOULOS   DDS, MSc (oral biology), MSc (periodontology), MSc (aesthetic medicine), PhD.
Inventor of Cleopatra Technique TM. Periodontology, Implantology and Aesthetic MedicineBSc, DDS, MSc (oral biology), MSc (periodontology), MSc (medical aesthetics), PhD

ANNA-MARIA VESALA DMD, MSc (bone metabolic disorders), MSc (oral surgery and radiology), MSc (aesthetic medicine). Oral surgery and Aesthetic Medicine

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Facial Aesthetics


Facial Aesthetics 300€ (ex VAT)

The Webinar will be performed in ZOOM platform.