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The vision for the creation of this conference center has been established into juncture of the applied medical sciences and the practical technological innovation in the instruments and techniques.



We have chosen to create a scientific medical center under strict qualitative criteria intending to reap real fruits of knowledge to our participants. The promotion of good research topics and speakers is a difficult action that expands the scientific dialogue of both the Mediterranean and the transatlantic research centers,scientists and professionals.


How it works

The choice of the laboratory seminars, theoretical presentation seminars, practice learning and new innovative recommendations in the fields of medica,
dental and aesthetics by our research team in collaboration with professionals and research centers. Our mail box is public according to our philosophy that suggests open minds, open knowledge, open future.


Join the hub

We are ready to bring in converge the leading trends and the most useful workshops worldwide. If you like to be a contributor into a unique course repository, please send your suggestions to our email our phone us for an appointment. Our team is ready for organising your knowledge!